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Cannabis is broadly classified under 3 generic strain types: Indica, Sativa and Hybrid
Each type has its dominant characteristics, which in turn serve as key attributes in variant strains.

Indica strain is known for its high concentration of THC providing euphoric effect and making it popular for recreation and drugs for chronic illness.

Sativa strain is one such well-established strain meant for recreation, medical and spiritual purposes. With considerable % of THC, Sativa is widely used as hallucinogenics, sedative and anti-inflammatory agents.

Hybrids are commonly in use of both recreation and medical use, as it comprises of both Indica and Sativa in variable proportion.Nonetheless, even when their generic will guide us on distinct traits, the effect of each strain differs from each person experience.Please check out for comprehensive strain information, more to come by…

Sundae Driver

  • Strain Type : Type: 50/50 HYBRID 
  • Origin: Fruity Pebbles OG & Grape Pie
  • Effects: Soothens body & mind, calming effect, feels balanced and happy
  • Taste: Sweet-sourness of grape, mellow earthen berries with chocolaty undertone
  • Recommends : Suggested to use on relaxing afternoon/evening  without being high on dose

Lava Cake

  • Strain Type : Indica dominant Hybrid 
  • Origin: Thin Mint GSC & Grape pie
  • Effects: Relaxing, Induce instant laziness, Relief from symptoms of chronic pain, stress, nausea, migraine, insomnia
  • Taste: Heightened sweet-chocolaty flavor with a fruity twist and lightly minty 
  • Recommends: Highly suggested to use ONLY at end of the day to give relaxation to body and mind; superb in relieving minor pains or soreness.