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  • Samá Hita+ Ayurvedic Calming Oil with 1500MG CBD (16 Oz)

    The word “Hita” in Sanskrit means calm / pleasant. Samá Hita+ name was given to this blend of ingredients as it’s designed to calm both mind and body. Samá Hita+ oil is blended with Full Spectrum CBD cannabinoids which has beneficial anti-inflammatory properties that helps relieve pain when used regularly. This oil can be used as hair / scalp massage oil to relieve stress, reduce tension and anxiety whereby creating a calming sensation to improve quality of sleep. It is known to ease migraines, headaches, lower blood pressure, improve circulation to your head, neck and promote healthy hair growth. Overall, Samá Hita+ oil is known to enhance brain health and functioning of the central nervous system.

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  • Samá Nira+ Ayurvedic Healing Oil with 1500MG CBD (16 Oz)

    The word “Níra” short for nirama, in Sanskrit means “Healing”. Jathyadi Thalia and Murivenna are two formulations used extensively to treat open wound and chronic non-healing ulcers. Samá Níra+ is formulated by combining active ingredients from these two formulations and is blended into an oil base with Full Spectrum naturally occurring beneficial CBD cannabinoids.

    Modern medications that are available today for wound care or anti-inflammation are toxic to the body and can have long term effects on organs: while Samá Níra + is 100% natural and prepared out of non-toxic safe botanical derivatives. It is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and non-irritant. It is useful in cleaning, soothing and healing wounds. When applied externally over non-healing wounds, blisters, abscess, burns and bite wounds, Samá Níra + can assist the body in quick and natural recovery of cells and tissues.

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