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  • Samá Nara+ Ayurvedic Calming Oil with 1500MG CBD (16 Oz)

    The word “Nara” in Sanskrit means nerves. Samá Nara+ uses natural ingredients inspired by classical Ayurvedic teachings and formulation called Balashwagandhadi Thaila. Samá Nara+ Nerve oil is known for its neuro protective properties and is recommended for various neurological conditions like Neuralgia and Neuropathy of any origin that helps in relaxing tired muscles and chronic pain.

    Samá Nara+ oil is blended into an oil base with Full Spectrum naturally occurring beneficial CBD cannabinoids which has anti-inflammatory properties. This oil can benefit all age group – whether you are toning, building or maintaining your muscles. Samá Nara+ is especially useful to those who have an active lifestyle, athletes, yoga practitioners, people with work life ailments due to repetitive use of electronics and prolonged sitting. Incorporate Samá Nara+ into your daily regimen for a holistic healing experience.

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